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Weichai U70, a new ‘dark horse’ of self-owned SUV is launched
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On November 27th, Weichai Motor released a new brand VGV and brought its first model, Big size SUV Weichai U70. This press conference launched 3 versions of MT and 3 versions of AT, total 6 versions. Chai Wei, deputy general manager of Weichai (Chongqing) Automobile Co., Ltd., said: "The launch of Weichai U70 will open the strategic layout of Weichai Group's light vehicles, which means that Weichai Group's competitive chips in the field of independent car brands will be raised again. It is an important measure in the future strategic layout of Weichai Group.

Strong layout, Weichai Group enters the field of light vehicles

At present, the entire automobile industry has entered the era of "stock game" from "incremental game". In the critical period when the independent brand industry needs to be adjusted urgently, Weichai launched a new brand "VGV" and the first model U70, indicating the determination of entering the light vehicle market.

As we all know, Weichai Group was founded in 1946 and is currently one of the strongest automobile and equipment manufacturing groups in China. It has six business segments in the world: powertrain systems, intelligent logistics, automotive business, construction machinery, luxury yachts and financial services. It is an international company with cross-sector and cross-industry operations. Its molecular companies cover Europe, North America, Asia and other regions. Exported to more than 110 countries and regions.

It is reported that Weichai Automobile has the mission of "taking the strategy of Weichai Group's light vehicles to lead the industry" and the vision of "the leading domestic and world-renowned light vehicle brand", inheriting the excellent genes of Weichai Group's "reliable and durable" Independent research and development and innovation, and strive to build a trustworthy boutique car.

Everything is ready, Weichai's new brand "VGV" came into being. Weichai said that "VGV" is a brand new brand created by Weichai in the light vehicle business field. The release of "VGV" will start the strategic layout of Weichai Group to enter the light vehicle field.

Naturally powerful new brand VGV breaks upward

It is understood that the VGV brand LOGO is a silver V-shaped logo, and its basic shape is derived from a three-dimensional silver shield, indicating that Weichai Automobile will continue the group's ingenuity for decades, with "reliable and durable" as the driving force of the brand and product to protect customers value.

"VGV" implies the mission of the enterprise. The initial letter V is derived from Weichai, which means Weichai; G, taken from the Group English Group; the ending letter V, comes from the English Vehicle, which means light vehicles, which makes Weichai Automobile undertake the development of Weichai Group The strategic mission of the light vehicle business.

In addition, "VGV" carries the brand spirit of Weichai Automobile. V, that is, Virtuosity, expresses superb skills, which implies Weichai's high manufacturing process and R & D strength; G, taken from Generations, which means "inheritance, inheritance", inherits Weichai Group's ultimate ingenuity; the ending letter V comes from Vision, taken "Foresight, future" means that with a foresighted strategic vision, it leads the Chinese light vehicle market.

"Layout of light vehicles" is the starting line drawn by Weichai for the VGV brand, indicating that the layout of Weichai Group will be upgraded to seize the light commercial vehicle market with its strength.

Hard core strength Weichai U70 later came

As the first important product of the VGV brand, Weichai U70 is the convergence of this brand's superior resources and advanced technology. With the five advantages of "U enjoy, U Yan, U material, U wisdom, U drive", the U Xiu SUV has been cast and become independent Another dark horse in the SUV world, giving users a new travel experience beyond the same level.

U enjoy the ultimate space comfortable

The Weichai U70 is positioned as a mid-to-large SUV. The new car has an atmospheric appearance. The length of the vehicle is 4806mm, which exceeds the same level, and the wheelbase reaches 2800mm, making each row spacious and comfortable. In addition, U70 has a capacity of 1800L, which fully meets the space requirements of Chinese customers for SUVs.

Master U Yan is superior in fencing

The beauty of simplicity and flexibility has always been the pursuit of automotive design. Weichai U70 was designed by Professor He Mai, the winner of the "Red Dot Award" and the original BMW designer, using the "Jane • Jin" design concept to take this inspiration to a new height. The vehicle is more simple and dynamic. The penetrating waistline and the "Beidou Qixing LED taillights" at the rear of the vehicle once again bring surprises. The overall lines complement each other and enhance the sense of quality while showing the simplicity of modernism.

U material, rich interior, strong practicality

In terms of interior, Weichai U70 interprets the definition of "reliable and durable" with many details. The leather multi-function steering wheel can provide a better grip and a more convenient driving experience; the 10.25-inch high-definition touch screen, combined with the suspended center button, greatly improves the grade of the car; moreover, it is comparable to the luxury brand's large panoramic sunroof Enjoy the scenery along the way.

U-Chi Leapfrog Smart Security Excellence

Weichai U70 leads the same level of constant speed cruise system, uphill assist system, tire pressure monitoring system, high-definition driving recorder, rear parking radar and other rich cross-level configurations to make the safety of people and vehicles more comprehensive; Equipped with functions such as automatic switch and intelligent anti-pinch, safe and convenient. Overall, Weichai U70 is indeed very cost-effective in terms of intelligence.

U driving, full of power, pleasant driving

At the "Weichai U70 Quality Assurance Wanli Trip" event recently concluded, the Weichai U70 fleet traveled on the Sichuan-Tibet and Yunnan-Tibet lines for 13 consecutive days, and ended successfully with zero miles on the journey, thanks to the excellent power of the product. The product is equipped with an IVVT high-efficiency engine, 1.5T turbocharged, maximum horsepower of 150 horsepower, and peak torque of 210 Nm, fully satisfying outdoor travel. In addition, with the Australian DSI gearbox, the gear shifting response is fast and there is no frustration; with excellent chassis adjustment, it can easily cope with various complex road conditions.

The leader of Weichai Motor said: "Weichai U70, which was launched first, is an important product of Weichai Motor's light vehicle camp. It fully integrates and absorbs the Group's superior resources and technical support, and international first-class suppliers also provide its product quality A solid guarantee and a very competitive product advantage will make it a rising star in the SUV market. "

Weichai U70, as a "gathering" of the VGV brand, can be described as a combination of advanced design inspiration, excellent spatial performance, rich technology configuration and quality details. support.

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